About-SharonAndRandyCherry Hill started out as a dream in the heart of Randy and Sharon. Randy wanted to use his abilities to help others learn and enjoy the game of golf as much as he enjoyed it. Sharon wanted to stay in the area she grew up to raise their family. In 1995 Randy built the Driving Range with a pro-shop and a café to lease out. In 1997 they decided to add a Championship Putt Putt course. This, however, was not what they hoped for. It was a lot of upkeep for little return. They did learn, however, that people in their area were looking for places where families could come together to have fun. In 2000, Randy and Sharon decided to build an executive 9 hole golf course to appeal to the working class golfer who needed an affordable place to practice. From that point on, it seemed as though each year something new was added. In 2001, Dyno Putt, mini golf, was added in the dinosaur theme to go along with Granger’s town theme. Then in 2002, they opened the first Ball Park Batting system in the US. Yep, that’s right! In the little old town of Granger! You get to see how far the ball flies. Doc’s Pizza also moved in from Zillah that year. In 2003 they began offering golf course memberships, which continue to grow. In 2004, became a permanent part of the business because we just couldn’t let a good thing die when it is the best pizza you’ll ever taste!

Sharon finally convinced Randy to take a break in 2005 from building, but he was back at it again in 2006! Randy built a pedal kart track. This track was another feature to encourage physical activity of families. 2007 brought updating to the golf course with expanding the teeing areas and an explosion of family parties and activities. We are becoming a place of destination!

In 2012, Cherry Hill opened its own 50’s style diner! We are becoming a place of destination!